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Cylindrostomidae Cylindrostoma

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Primary authority: Oersted AS 1845    Fortegnelse over Dyr, samlede i Christianafjord ved Dobrak fra 21-24 Julie 1844. Naturh Tidessk, udgivet of H Kroyer 2:400-427  
other taxonomic work: Jensen OS 1878 index card avail.
Turbellaria ad litora Norvegiae occidentalia. Turbellarier ved Norges Vestkyst. [In Norwegian] J W Eided Bogtrykkeri, Bergen, 97 pp 61
latest authority: Riedl R 1959    Turbellarien aus submarinen Höhlen. 1. Archoophora Ergebnisse d. Osterreichischen Tyrrhenia-Expedition 1952. Teil VII. Publ. Stat. Zool. Napoli, Suppl. 30: 178-208  
other taxonomic work: Karling TG 1962    Marine Turbellaria from the Pacific coast of North America. II. Pseudostomidae and Cylindrostomidae. Ark Zool 15: 181-209 187-198

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