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Prolecithophora Plagiostomidae

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Primary authority: Graff Lvon 1882 index card avail.
Monographie der Turbellarien I. Rhabdocoelida. (2 Vol., Leipzig) Verlag Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig, pp i-xii + 1-442  

literature of synonyms:
  author date   title journal / publication pages
  Jondelius U 1997    A new family and three new species of flatworms (Platyhelminthes) from the Darwin Harbour area. In: Proc 6th Internat Mar Biol Workshop: The marine flora and fauna of Darwin Harbour, Northern Territor Mus Art Gall North Terr, Austr Mar Sci Ass 187-197  
  Noren M 2003    Four new Plagiostomidae (Prolecithophora, Platyhelminthes) from Phuket, Thailand, with a re-evaluation of Torgeidae Jondelius, 1997, and Paramultipeniata Kulinich, 1974. Phuket Mar Biol Centre Bull 65:9-22  

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