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Proxenetes ampullatus

  site map site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A sand bank of Arguin (Banc d'Arguin), Bassin d'Arcachon (Arcachon Bay), Aquitaine, France map 2956Sep 1964 default type intertidal sand   sand flat, few specimens. Ax P (1971): 191
B Ellenbogen, south beach, List, Sylt Island, North Sea map 684Jun 1951 default type intertidal sand   southside, pure sand of lower slope, groundwater line, 2 specimens. Ax P (1971): 191
C Ile de Callot, Roscoff, France map 3303Sep 1973     mud, fine sand   West side. fine sand mud Watt. 1 specimen. Ehlers U (1974): 80 (504)
D Sandy beach on eastern shore of Sylt. Litoralstation (old littoral station), Biological Institute Helgoland, Biologische Anstalt Helgoland (BAH), List, Sylt map 323Jan 1971     sand   East beach of the Litoralstation of BAH, sand Watt, 70 m from the beach break. 1 specimen. Ehlers U (1974): 80 (504)
E Ile de Callot, Roscoff, France map 3303Sep 19, 1973     fine muddy sand   from the eulittoral flat of the west side of the Ile de Callot (200 m to the left of the Church). Ehlers U (1980): 164
F Koenigs Bay (Koenigshafens, Konigshafen, K√∂nigshafen), Sylt Island, Germany, North Sea map 491Nov 1982 - Jun 1983     mud   inner part K√∂nigshafen, a sheltered marine bay near the isle of Sylt. Dittmann S, Reise K (1985): 99-100

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