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Record # 10289
Hyman LH (1937)
Studies on the morphology, taxonomy, and distribution of North American Triclad Turbellaria. VII. The two species confused under the name Phagocata gracilis, the validity of the generic name Phagocata
Transact Amer Micr Soc 56:298-310

Abstract / Notes

The Phagocata gracilis of Woodworth's 1891 descr. and that of Peaslee's 1910 descr. are 2 distinct spp. The
latter is the true P. gracilis (Haldeman) 1840; the former is named P woodworthi (p.300, 305), Pennsylvania.
P. gracilis inhabits the east-central states from Virginia and Pennsylvania westward probably into Missouri.
P. woodworthi is limited to New England southwest to the Delaware R.; transitional forms occur in New Jersey.
Phagocata is redefined. Phagocata Leidy 1847 is valid and has priority over Fonticola Komarek 1926; Fonticola
becomes a syn. of Phagocata

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