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Rohde K, Luto K, Baverstock PR, Johnson AM (1994)
The phylogenetic relationships of Kronborgia (Platyhelminthes, Fecampiida) based on comparison of 18S ribosomal DNA sequences.
Int J Parasitol 24:657-669

Abstract / Notes

Approximately 580 hp at the 5' end of the small subunit RNA gene were amplified by PCR for 19 platyhelminth
taxa, and Homo and Artemia were used as outgroups. These were analysed to test the hypothesis that fecampiids
and Neodermata are sister groups. No evidence was found that the fecampiid Kronborgia isopodicola is closely
related to the Neodermata or to the Rhabdocoela (in which the fecampiids are usually included).
Morphological, including ultrastructural, characters and DNA data do not support a close relationship of
fecampiids with any other platyhelminth taxon, although the DNA sequence analysis provides some evidence that
the Acoela and Tricladida are closest. Fecampiids are sufficiently different from any other platyhelminth
group to warrant establishment of a class, Fecampiida. for them. A diagnosis of the new class is given.

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