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Adami M, Damborenea C, Ronderos JR 2012 A new limnic species of Macrostomum (Platyhelminthes: Macrostomida) from Argentina and its muscle arrangement labeled with phalloidin Zoologischer Anzeiger 251(3):197-205
Brusa F & Damborenea C 2013 A new polyclad species associated with Bankia martensi (Bivalvia) from the South Pacific coast of Chile, and its taxonomic position within Euplanidae (Platyhelminthes, Ilyplanoidea) Journal of the Marine Biologiccal Association
Brusa F, Damborenea C 2011 Polycladida Acotylea from Patagonia. Redescription of Crassiplana albatrossi (Pseudostylochidae), lectotype designation and first record of Notocomplana palta (Notoplanidae). Zootaxa Volume: 2903: 29-38
Brusa F, Damborenea C, Noreña C 2008 "Dalyellioida" (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela) from the Río de la Plata estuary in Argentina, with the description of two new species of Gieysztoria Zootaxa 1861: 1-16
Brusa F, Damborenea C, Quiroga S 2009 First records of Pseudocerotidae (Platyhelminthes: Polycladida: Cotylea) from Patagonia, Argentina Zootaxa 2283: 51-59
Brusa F, Damborenea MC 2000 First Report of Temnocephala brevicornis Monticelli 1889 (Temnocephalidae: Platyhelminthes) in Argentina. Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 95(1): 81-82
Brusa F, Damborenea MC, Noreña C 2003 A new species of Gieysztoria (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela) from Argentina and a kinship analysis of South American species of the genus. Zoologica Scripta 32:449-457
Brusa F, Ponce de Leon R, Damborenea C 2006 A new Paravortex (Platyhelminthes, Dalyellioida) endoparasite of Mesodesma mactroides (Bivalvia, Mesodesmatidae) from Uruguay. Parasitology Research 99(5): 566-571
Damborenea C, Brusa F 2009 A new species of Temnosewellia (Platyhelminthes, Temnocephalida) ectosymbiont on Villopotamon thaii (Crustacea, Decapoda, Potamidae) from Vietnam. Zoosystema Volume: 31 Issue: 2: 321-332
Damborenea C, Brusa F, Almagro Io, Noreña C 2011 A phylogenetic analysis of Stenostomum and its neotropical congeners, with a description of a new species from the Peruvian Amazon Basin Invertebrate Systematics 25(2) 155-169
Damborenea C, Brusa F, Norena C 2005 New species of Gieysztoria (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela) from Peruvian Amazon Floodplain with description of their stylet ultrastructure. Zoological Science (Tokyo) 22(12): 1319-1329
Damborenea C, Brusa F, Norena C 2007 New Dalyelliidae (Platyhelminthes, Rhabditophora) from Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, and their stylet ultrastructure. Zoological Science (Tokyo) Volume: 24 Issue: 8: 803-810
Damborenea C, Brusa F, Paola A 2006 Variation in worm assemblages associated with Pomacea canaliculata (Caenogastropoda, Ampullariidae) in sites near the Río de la Plata estuary, Argentina. Biocell 30:457–468
Damborenea MC 1991 Temnocephala (Platyhelminthes, Temnocephalidae) de la Argentina: Revisión de caracteres específicos. Iheringia, Série Zoológica 71: 111-120.
Damborenea MC 1992 Scanning electron microscope study of epidermal surface of six ectosymbiotic Temnocephala species (Platyhelminthes) from Argentina. Hydrobiologia 246(2): 111-118.
Damborenea MC 1992 Especies de Temnocephala (Platyhelminthes, Temnocephalidea) de crustáceos y moluscos de la Argentina. Temnocephala species (Platyhelminthes, Temnocephalidea) from crustaceans and molluscs from Argentina. Iheringia, Série Zoológica 72:3-21.
Damborenea MC 1994 Temnocefalos neotropicales: Temnocephala kingsleyae sp. n. y T. lutzi Monticelli, 1913 (Platyhelminthes, Temnocephalidea) comensales de crustaceos de Brasil. Iheringia Serie Zoologia 77, 30 set 1994: 99-105
Damborenea MC 1996 Patterns of distribution and abundance of Temnocephala iheringi (Platyhelminthes: Temnocephalidae) on a population of Pomacea canaliculata (Mollusca: Ampullariidae). Gayana Zoologia 60(1): 1-12
Damborenea MC 1997 Especies de Temnocephala (Platyhelminthes: Temnocephalidae) de la Isla Martín García, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Neotropica 43 (109-110): 123-124.
Damborenea MC 1998 Temnocephala chilensis (Moquin-Tandon, 1846) (Platyhelminthes: Temnocephalidae): Morphometic analysis. Proc Biol Soc Wash (in press), [MS]
Damborenea MC 1998 Distribution patterns of temnocephalids commensal with Crustacea and Mollusca from Argentina. Hydrobiologia 383: 269-274
Damborenea MC, Brusa F 2008 A new species of Temnocephala (Platyhelminthes, Temnocephalida) commensal of Pomella megastoma (Mollusca, Ampullariidae) from Misiones, Argentina. Revista mexicana de biodiversidad 79 Suppl
Damborenea MC, Cannon LRG 2001 On Neotropical Temnocephala (Platyhelminthes) J Natural History 35:1103-1118
Damborenea MC, Cannon LRG 2001 The mosaic of the epidermal syncytia in Didymorchis sp. (Didymorchidae, Temnocephalida) from South America. Belgian Journal of Zoology 131: 167-171 (Supplement) (April, 2001)
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Ferreira Yuki VL, Damborenea MC, Osorio Mallman, MT 1993 Acanthochelys spixii (Duméril et Bibron, 1835) (Chelidae) e Trachemys dorbigni (Duméril et Bibrom, 1835) (Emydidae) (Testudines) como hospedeiros de Temnocephala brevicornis Monticelli, 1889 (Temnocephalidae) (Platyhelminthes). Comunicao Museu Ciencias PUCRS, série Zool., Porto Alegre 6:75.
Kenny NJ, Norena C, Damborenea C, Grande C 2018 Probing recalcitrant problems in polyclad evolution and systematics with novel mitochondrial genome resources Genomics DOI: 10.1016/j.ygeno.2018.02.009
Lago-Barcia D, Angel Fernández-Álvarez FA, Brusa F, Rojo I, Damborenea C, Negrete L, Grande C, Noreña C 2019 Reconstructing routes of invasion of Obama nungara (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida) in the Iberian Peninsula. Biological Invasions Volume:21 Issue:2: :289-302
Lago-Barcia D, Fernández-Álvarez FA, Negrete L, Brusa F, Damborenea C, Grande C, Noreña C 2015 Morphology and DNA barcodes reveal the presence of the non-native land planarian Obama marmorata (Platyhelminthes : Geoplanidae) in Europe. Invertebrate Systematics 29(1) 12-22
Martínez-Aquino A, Brusa F, Damborenea C 2014 Checklist of freshwater symbiotic temnocephalans (Platyhelminthes, Rhabditophora, Temnocephalida) from the Neotropics. Zoosystematics and Evolution 90: 147–162
Negrete L, Brusa F, Damborenea C 2012 A new species of Geoplana (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida: Geoplanidae) from the Western Amazon Basin with comments on the land planarian fauna from Peru Zootaxa 3358: 55-67
Noreña C, Brusa F, Ponce de Leon R, Damborenea C 2005 Mesophaenocora polyova, gen. nov., sp. nov. from Uruguay and establishment of the new subfamily Mesophaenocorinae (Platyhelminthes: Rhabdocoela: Typhloplanidae). Invertebrate Systematics 19(6): 577-584
Noreña C, Damborenea C, Brusa F 2004 Platyhelminthes of free life - Microturbellaria - of freshwater of Argentina. Platyhelminthes de vida libre - Microturbellaria - dulceacuicolas en Argentina. Instituto Superior de Correlacion Geologica (INSUGEO) Miscelanea 12: 225-238
Noreña C, Damborenea C, Brusa F 2005 New freshwater interstitial Otoplanidae (Plathelminthes: Proseriata) from the Parana and Uruguay rivers, South America. J Natural History 39:1457-1468
Noreña C, Damborenea C, Brusa F 2005 A taxonomic revision of South American species of the genus Stenostomum O. Schmidt (Platyhelminthes: Catenulida) based on morphological characters. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 144(1): 37-58
Noreña C, Damborenea C, Brusa F, Escobedo M 2006 Free-living Platyhelminthes of the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, a Peruvian Amazon floodplain. Zootaxa 1313, 39–55.
Noreña C, Damborenea C, Escobedo TM 2006 Two new rhabdocoels (Platyhelminthes) from the Peruvian Amazon floodplain. Biodiversity and Conservation 15(5): 1609-1620
Noreña C, Damborenea C, Faubel A & Brusa F 2007 Composition of meiobenthonic Platyhelminthes from brackish environments of the Galician and Cantabrian coasts of Spain with the description of a new species of Djeziraia (Polycystididae, Kalyptorhynchia) Journal of Natural History 41 (29-32): 1989-2005
Vega IA, Damborenea MC, Gamarra-Luques C, Koch E, Cueto JA, Castro-Vazquez A 2006 Facultative and obligate symbiotic associations of Pomacea canaliculata (Caenogastropoda, Ampullariidae). Biocell v.30 n.2 Mendoza mayo/ago. 2006

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