Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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for Emprosthopharynx pallida

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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Porto de Sal Rei, Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde1904         1 specimen. from a bucketful of the incrustations of rocks exposed to surf. Laidlaw FF (1903) 708
B Gulf of Naples (Bay of Naples, Neapel, Napoli), Italy1845 or earlier       type locality associated Halimeda-Peyssonelia, Euspongia-Lithodomus. Quatrefages A de (1845) 133; from Riedl 1959 (citation)- p. 204
C Suez Canal (Qanat as Suways, Qana el Suweis), Egypt1924           Palombi A (1928) [location from Louise Bush notes on literature for this species, see card or notes]
D Suez Canal (Qanat as Suways, Qana el Suweis), Egypt1928 or earlier           Palombi A (1928) abstract