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Collecting site

Station M10, north coast of ChiloƩ, Punta El Morro, Chile
moderately strong surf zone
latitude: -41.878334     41 52 42 S
longitude: -73.846107     73 50 46 W

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Collected here:

Porrocystis assimilisDec 28, 1948; Mar 2, 1949intertidal surf zonerocks1 specimens with Ulva or some similar green algae . Found with Porrocystis assimilis; Monocelis anta.
Promonotus pardusDec 28, 1948; Mar 2, 1949intertidal surf zonerocks1 specimen mature, 1.2 mm long with an Enteromorpha species in green algae. Found with Porrocystis assimilis , Promonotus pardus, Miava evelinae, and an immature Triclad.
Miava evelinaeDec 28, 1948intertidal surf zonerocks2 specimens in a tide pool.