Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Eel Pond, by Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA

latitude: 41.5257    
longitude: -70.670303    

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Collected here:

Microstomum davenportibetween May and Aug 1907
Proxenetes modestusbetween May and Aug 19075 specimens
Woodsholia lillieibetween May and Aug 1907
Phonorhynchus helgolandicusbetween May and Aug 1907
Plagiostomum stellatumbetween May and Aug 1907Grass Island in Zostera
Plagiostomum morganibetween May and Aug 1907
Myrmeciplana elegansprior to 1911coarse sand
Myrmeciplana sp.1963may be Myrmeciplana, "but have a pair of eyes in most cases".
Euplana gracilis1935 or earliersecured specimens from invertebrate staff at Woods Hole in 1935. Found in abundance in the Eel Pond on wharves and pilings among masses of hydroids and sponges,.