Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Bay of Sevastopol (Sebastopol, Sewastopol, Akhiar, Akhtyar), Black Sea, Ukraine

latitude: 44.619999    
longitude: 33.529999    

Precision of location: Gauged from chart or map
Site Named Here: By name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication

Collected here:

Nadina pulchella1870 or earlier
Nadina sensitiva1870 or earlieronly 1 specimen.
Convoluta paradoxa1870 or earlier
Convoluta festiva1870 or earlierin algae a foot under the surface.
Convoluta schultzii1870 or earlier
Microstomum ornatum1870 or earlier
Microstomum mundum1905 or earlier
Vera taurica1870 or earlier8-10 m
Vortex funebris1870 or earlier
Monocelis fusca1913 or earlierin deep water
Stylochoplana taurica1909 or earlier
Cryptocelis glandulata1909 or earlier
Pseudomonocelis ophiocephala1981 or earliersandSebastopol Bay, Black Sea in Saccocirrus sand.
Cercyra hastata1981 or earlierUntersuchungen zur Biologie liegen von Murina (1981) vor. C. hastata bildet zusammen mit Pseudomonocelis ophiocephala (S. 173) die Hauptkomponente des Saccocirrus-Sandes in der Bucht von Sewastopol.
Procerodes lobatus1989 or earlierWeite Verbreitung im Mittelmeerraum mit frühen Funden aus dem Schwarzen Meer (Sewastopol, Yalta, Sukhumi);
Stylochus tauricus1909 or earlier