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Collecting site

Corfu (Korfu, Kerkira, Corcyra, Kerkyra), Greece

latitude: 39.619999    
longitude: 19.919722    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
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Collected here:

Convoluta paradoxa1861 or earlier
Anoplodium parasita1913 or earlierparasite in Holothuria tubulosa Gm. and maybe in H. polii Chiaje.
Castrada horrida1861 or earlierGraff notes: "S├╝sswassergraben bei El Kanon auf Korfu".
Monocelis ophiocephala1861 or earlierJonisches Sea
Archilina endostylaFeb 1992
Planaria torva1925 or earlierKorfu.
Pseudomonocelis ophiocephalaDec 1997coarse sandYacht Club harbour