Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Dolgaya (Dolgaja) Zapadnaya Guba (Bolgaya Guba), White Sea (Beloye More, Weisses Meer), Russia

latitude: 69.284721    
longitude: 33.8325    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
Site Named Here: By name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication

Collected here:

Otocelis maris-alba1900 or earlier
Amphiscolops virescens1900 or earlierin Algae
Stenostomum leucops1897 or earlier
Dalyellia picta1932 or earlierlake.
Castrella truncata1932 or earlierlake.
Astrotorhynchus bifidus1932 or earlier
marmoratum marmoratum1932 or earlier
Maehrenthalia agilis1932 or earlier
Anoplodium chirodotae1932 or earlier
Promesostoma agile1932 or earlier
Mesostoma lingua1932 or earlierlake.
Mesostoma craci1932 or earlier
Bothromesostoma essenii1932 or earlierlake.
Polycystis crocea1932 or earlier