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Collecting site

Argyle Lagoon, North Bay, San Juan Island in the San Juan Archipelago, Washington, USA
small pools at margin of lagoon; lagoon is not naturally formed. "It was formed after an accumulation of gravel from a hillside excavation..". Water comes in at high tide, with some draining out at low tide. Water level in lagoon doesn't vary much
latitude: 48.521667     48 31.3 N
longitude: -123.010002     123 0.6 W

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Collected here:

Parotocelis luteolaSummer 1961, 1962; fall 1964intertidalmuddy sandfrom masses of green algae (Ulva and Enteromorpha). From shallow pools at margin of the the lagoon.
Haploposthia erythrocephala2000 or earliersubtidalfrom sediment washed from algae and the leaves of Zostera. Tidal flucuation is slight, and Zostera is always submerged.
Eumecynostomum luridum2000 or earlierintertidalrocknear Friday Harbor. Common in late Spring, summer, and early autumn on algae and leaves of Zostera marina. Scarce in winter, but can be found throughout year.