Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Crow Neck, Cobscook Bay, Maine, USA

latitude: 44.876278     44 52 34.6 N
longitude: -67.12664     67 07 35.9 W

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Collected here:

Isodiametra hortulusApr 1999intertidalsand
Praeconvoluta tigrinaMay 1999subtidalmedium grained sedimentat reversing falls
Otocelis sandaraMay 1999subtidalmedium grained sedimentat the reversing falls
Philocelis brueggemanniJun 1998subtidalmedium grained sedimentat the reversing falls
Pseudactinoposthia sanguineumJan 29, 1999shallow subtidalfrom the gut of the holothuroidean Chirodota laevis
Myopea sp.2002
Haplogonaria schillingiJun 2004subtidalmedium-grained sedimentfrom medium-grained subtidal sediment at reversing falls