Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Saint Vincent Bar, Apalachicola Bay, Florida, USA

latitude: 29.6737    
longitude: -85.069504    

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Collected here:

Stylochus floridanusJun 12, 1935U.S.N.M. no. 20187
Eustylochus meridionalisDec 27, 1935U.S.N.M. no. 20188. Collected by George W. Wharton.
Hoploplana thaisanaOct 14, 1935lives in the snail Thais floridana Conrad. U.S.N.M. no. 20189. Also found in samples 'in which oyster shells were standing and once from a dish of barnacles.'
Conjuguterus parvusMar 16, 1936Always found among old shells.
Oculoplana whartoniAug 16, 1935U.S.N.M. no. 20195. collected by George W. Wharton.
Acerotisa pellucidaJun 25, 1935two specimens.
Prosthiostomum lobatumAug 16, 1935common. U.S.N.M. no. 20194. Usually found 'at the surface of pails of shells that had been brought in from oyster bars and allowed to stand.'
Enantia pellucida1935Hyman review of Pearse whole mounts results in the new combination.
Coronadena mutabilis1935listed by Hyman 1954 as described by Pearse
Zygantroplana angusta1935listed by Hyman 1954 as described by Pearse
Pseudoceros maculosus1935listed by Hyman 1954 as described by Pearse
Oligoclado floridanus1935listed by Hyman 1954 as described by Pearse
inquilina thaisana (Pearse)1938 or earlierCommensal in the snail Thais floridana floridana; also found with oysters and barnacles. Hyman review of Pearse whole mounts.