Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Spaanse Water, Curacao (Curacoa), Netherlands Antilles
Dam di Cabicuchi (Spaanse Water) at the side of the Spaanse Water
latitude: 12.066667    
longitude: -68.849998    

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Collected here:

felis felisDec 14 and 30, 1998algae'mixed algae (mainly Caulerpa and Halimeda gantia) with a lot of detritus on the thallus.'
Trigonostomum denhartogi14 December, 1998exposed rocksTurbinaria-like algae on rocks
Trigonostomum franki14 December, 1998exposed rockson Turbinaria-like algaeat side of 'Caracasbaai'
Trigonostomum franki30 December, 1998from mixed sample of algae (Caulerpa sp. and Halimeda gantia
Itaipusa divaeDecember 14 & 30, 1998on Thalassia testudinum with smaller epiphytic algaeDam di Cabicuchi (between the Caracasbaai and the Spaanse Water, N 12°04'39.57", W 68°51'48.89"),