Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Point Pinos, Pacific Grove, California, USA
'Great tidepool'
latitude: 36.638    
longitude: -121.932602    

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Collected here:

Pogaina bicornisMar 1969mudtide pools on algae and stones in shallow water.
Brinkmanniella palmataMar 1969intertidaltidepool with stones and algae.
Trigonostomum setigerumMar 1969algae and gravelalgae and gravel
Messoplana pacificaMar 1969gravel, stones, algaegravel, stones, algae. 'Great Tidepool.'
Polychoerus carmelensisprior 1938intertidalgravel and stones
Plagiostomum hymaniSep 15, 1960from seaweed, tide pool.
Plagiostomum abbotiSep 15, 1960tidepoolstones, gravelwashed off seaweed, tidepool.
Allostoma hopkinsi1993 or earlierstonesalgae on stones. SMNHI 4479, SMNHI 4480.
Coelogynopora brachystylaSep 15, 19600.5 msandat low tide.
Coelogynopora tenuiformisSep 15, 1960shell gravel, stoneswashed out from shell gravel and stones with Polychoerus carmelensis Costello.
Monocelis hopkinsiSep 15, 1960tidepools.
Monocelis cinctaSep 15, 1960tidepools, abundant.
Pseudostomum californicumSep 15, 1960stones, gravelGreat tide-pool, stones and gravel with Polychoerus carmelensis Costello, moss-like covering (young Ulva and Enteromorpha) on stones.
Austrorhynchus pacificusMar 28, 19696 msand, gravelseaweed. "Great tidepool".
Paraustrorhynchus pacificusMar, 1969peebles"Great tidepool", seaweed and pebbles.
Alcha evelinaeMar 1969gravel"Great tidepool". seaweed and gravel.
Proschizorhynchella schilkeiMar 1969stonestidepool with stones and algae, 'Great Tidepool'.