Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

no coordinates. New species found in aquaria where the type locality can not be determined.

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Collected here:

Convolutriloba retrogemmaprior to 1988'collected from a marine aquarium housing tropical oranisms in Gothenburg, Sweden.' abundant on glass walls, and pieces of coral.
Convolutriloba hastiferaSep 1983; Nov 1983; Nov 1984; Jan 1985'Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) Cape Cleveland, near Townsville, north Queensland. Collected from the aquarium by Dr. Clive Wilkinson'
Waminoa sp. 1Nov 19, 1981coral"Waminoa sp 1." 'Marine aquarium Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville', Australia. collected lby Dr. S. Collard from corals.
Convolutriloba retrogemmaprior to 1990'The marine aquarium, University of New South Wales, found on juvenile Tridacna gigas clams.