Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Klubban beach, Klubban, near Kristineberg, Sweden

latitude: 58.250889     58.25089 N
longitude: 11.46414     11.46414 E

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Collected here:

Nemertoderma psammicolaNov 8, 19640.5-2 mfine sand
Nemertoderma psammicolaJul-Oct, 19651-5 mfine sand
Retronectes clio1974 or earlier1.5 Mfine fairly clean sandtwelve specimens, four adults.
Retronectes melpomene19684 mfine sand with detritusfour specimens, one adult. off Klubban Beach near Kristineberg.
Paromalostomum fusculum1971 or earlierfine sandsingle specimen found by W. Sterrer, 6 m from the coastline, 60 cm deep in the fine sand, Klubban-strand, Biologische Station Kristineberg.
Paromalostomum dubiumAug 1948gravelKarling in Westblad 1953.
Praeaphanostoma diatomovorumsometime 2011-20211-2.5 msilty sand with organic content, medium sand at 1–1.5 m depth