Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Lizard Island, Queensland, Australia

latitude: -14.667    
longitude: 145.460007    

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Collected here:

Nemertoderma psammicolaAug 27, 1996intertidalfine sand with fine sea grassin Watson's Bay, south end.
Pseudoceros indicusprior to 2002rare under coral rubble, inshore Lizard Island Lagoon.
Lurymare clavocapitata2015 or earlier
Pseudoceros bimarginatus2015 or earlier
Pseudoceros jebborum2015 or earlier
Pseudoceros stimpsoni2015 or earlier
Pseudoceros zebra2015 or earlier
Pseudoceros paralaticlavus2015 or earlier
Pseudoceros prudhoei2015 or earlier
Pseudobiceros hancockanus2015 or earlier
Pseudobiceros hymanae2015 or earlier
Pseudobiceros flowersi2015 or earlier
Pseudobiceros uniarborensis2015 or earlier