Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

"El Tigre" lake, Paraná River, near the city of Santa Fé, Argentina
lies within an island in the middle of the flood plain of the Paraná River. known as an "obstruction pond". Noreña-Janssen 1995 {19011}
latitude: -31.683332     31 41 S
longitude: -60.700001     60 42 W

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Collected here:

Catenula lemnaeFeb 1989-Jan 1990many individuals reproducing asexually (chains of zooids).
Weldonia paraguayensisFeb-Mar 1989many individuals.
Stenostomum leucopsFeb 1989many individuals.
Stenostomum uronephriumFeb, Jun, Aug, Nov 1989five individuals.
Microstomum lineareFeb 1989-Jan 1990many immature individuals.
Dalyellia obscuraMay, Oct 1989five specimens.
Gieysztoria santafeensisFeb 1989-Jan 1990many specimens.
Gieysztoria quadrataFeb 1989many specimens.
Gieysztoria coronaeAug 1989three specimens.
Gieysztoria tigrensisNov 1989many specimens.
Gieysztoria pseudodiademaFeb 1989one specimen.
Gieysztoria variataSep 1989many specimens.
Rhynchomesostoma inaliensisAug-Oct 1989one specimen.
Mesostoma ehrenbergiiMar-Oct 1989several specimens.
Mesostoma productumAug-Oct 1989four specimens.
Bothromesostoma evelinaeJun 1989nine specimens.
Gyratrix hermaphroditusJul 1988many specimens.
Gyratrix hermaphroditusOct, Dec 1989many specimens.