Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

near New Market, Virginia, USA
sulphur spring
latitude: 38.641888     38°38'30.8"N
longitude: -78.67186     78°40'18.7"W

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Collected here:

Stenostomum grande1938 or earliercollected in Virginia no specific location.
Stenostomum tenuicaudatum1938 or earliercollected in Virginia no specific location.
Stenostomum glandulosum1938 or earlier
Stenostomum predatorium1938 or earlier
Stenostomum arevaloi1938 or earlierfrom Piedmont and Coastal Regions a number of times.
Anokkostenostomum ventronephrium1938 or earlier
Stenostomum virginianum1938 or earlier'large variety' from several localities.
Macrostomum reynoldsi1939 or earlier
Pseudophaenocora sulfophila1938 or earlierfound in a sulphur spring in Virginia.
Krumbachia minuta1938 or earlier
Macrostomum phillipsi1938 or earlier
Typhloplana viridata1956 or earlierVirginia.
Mesostoma ehrenbergii1957 or earlier
Macrostomum curvistylum1939 or earlier
Macrostomum bulbostylum1939 or earlier
Macrostomum glochostylum1939 or earlier
Macrostomum lewisi1939 or earlier
rossi minima1937 or earlierVirginia, kleiner Sumpf, Winter, Frühling und Herbst.
rossi virginiana1937 or earlierVirginia, kleiner Teich, Winter, Frühling, Herbst und Winter.
Gieysztoria triangulata1931 or earlierVirginia, Tümpel.