Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site


latitude: -73    
longitude: 20    

Precision of location: Gauged from chart or map
Site Named Here: By name of ocean or continent named in source publication

Collected here:

Cylindrostoma bitubata1903 or earlier
Cylindrostoma gaussi1926 or earlier350 m
Monoophorum ruseri1926 or earlier350 m
Plagiostomum opisthogonimum1926 or earlier350 m
Cylindrostoma vanhoffeni1926 or earlier350 m
Centrovarioplana tenuis1903 or earlier
Meixnerides armatus1903 or earlier
Synsiphonium liouvilli1903 or earlier0.5 mgravel
Rimicola glacialis1926 or earlier350 m
Porrocystis drygalskii1926 or earlier350 m
Procerodes gerlachei1907 or earlier
Procerodes marginata1906 or earlier
Procerodes wandeli1906 or earlier
Stylostomum punctatum1905 or earlier
Stylostomum antarcticum1905 or earlier
Hypoblepharina difficilis1901-1903
Hypoblepharina truncata1901-1903
Hypoblepharina vanhoffeni1901-1903
Plagiostomum caecum1901-1903
Plagiostomum lutheri1901-1903
Enterogonimus aureus1908-1910