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Collecting site

East side, Carrie Bow Cay, Belize
Tyler, Hooge collection site #0, Apr/May 2004 (30 m depth Sand trough before drop-off; fine sand)
latitude: 16.719278     16 43 9.4 N
longitude: -88.081696     88 04 54.1 W

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Collected here:

Deuterogonaria carribeaApr-May, 2004medium-grained sandIn medium-grained sand abutting a bed of Thalassia sp. at the northeast end of Carrie Bow Cay
Amphiscolops blumiApr-May, 2004medium-grained sandIn medium grained sand at the waterline on the northeast side of Carrie Bow Cay...
Polychoerus ebenhochiApr-May, 20042-3 meast side of the barrier reef that lies on the east side of Carrie Bow Cay