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Collecting site

Philippine Islands (Philippines), Philippines

latitude: 13    
longitude: 122    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
Site Named Here: By name of sea, gulf, or country named in source publication

Collected here:

Convoluta semperiprior to 1882planktonic, pelagic3 specimens, noted in Prof. Sempers Philippine notes as a Mesostomum
Pseudoceros ferrugineusMar 31, 1993collected by Gosliner.
Anoplodium schneideri1868 or earlierparasite in Stichopus variegatus Semp. and Mülleria lecanora Jäger.
Plagiostomum philippinense1882 or earlierpelagicChina Sea
Planaria hymani1928 or earlier
Artioposthia castanea1898 or earlierauf den Philippinen.
Thysanozoon semperi1895 or earlier
Thysanozoon semperi1895 or earlierSemper observation.
Rhynchodemus ochroleucus1899 or earlierMalay Archipelago; Philippines.
Pseudoceros fuscogriseus1994 or earlierrare from the Philippines.
Geoplana assimilis1898 or earlierPhilippinen.
Geoplana pulverulenta1898 or earlierPhilippinen.
Geoplana canaliculata1898 or earlierPhilippinen.
Pelmatoplana inflata1898 or earlierPhilippinen.
Bipalium negritorum1898 or earlierPhilippinen.
Anisorhynchodemus cultratus1898 or earlierPhilippinen.
Anisorhynchodemus hallezi1898 or earlierPhilippinen.
Anisorhynchodemus conspersus1898 or earlierPhilippinen.
Dolichoplana striata1898 or earlierPhilippinen, aber auch Amboina, Timorlaut, Madras.
Geoplana assimilis1940 or earlier
Pseudoceros rubrotentaculatus1923 or earlierfrom coral.