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Collecting site

Sveti Naum, Macedonia

latitude: 40.916698    
longitude: 20.75    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
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Collected here:

Phagocata ochridanaprior to 1927spring near Sveti Naum and in the large limestone spring Sum.
Dendrocoelum adenodactylosum1935-1937collected in the springs of Sveti Naum.
Dendrocoelum maculatumprior to 1927in several tributary streams of Lake Ohrid (at Studenciste and Sveti Naum) and in the large spring Sum (west of Struga).
Phagocata ochridana1935-1937springs at the monastery of Sveti Naum.
Dendrocoelum magnumprior to 1927mature specimens only in running waterr, in springs near the monastery of Sveti Naum. Immature animals were found also in the littoral zone of the lake, but were rarer than D. maculatum.
Dendrocoelum magnum1935-1937cold streams along the east side of the lake [Ohrid]: Sveti Naum. It occurs usually under stones, frequently in a strong current, often resting (feeding?) on small snails. As a rule, it is absent in the springs themselves and appears in the streams