Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Sum, Macedonia

latitude: 41.1833    
longitude: 20.663639    

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Collected here:

Dendrocoelum maculatumprior to 1927in several tributary streams of Lake Ohrid (at Studenciste and Sveti Naum) and in the large spring Sum (west of Struga)
Phagocata ochridanaprior to 1927
Dendrocoelum adenodactylosum1935-1937springs of Sum.
Dendrocoelum jablanicenseprior to 1927from specimens collected in Sum, a large limestone spring west of Struga, on the northern bank of Lake Ohrid, so far the only known habitat of this interesting species.
Dendrocoelum jablanicenseprior to 1937single specimen as well as samples of D. adenodactylosum.