Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Scoop Shovel Spring, Wyoming, USA
spring 4 miles west of entrance to Fort Bridger, about 1/8 mile north of Interstate 80. May have been a Leidy 1877 collection site,
latitude: 41.316669    
longitude: -110.383614    

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Collected here:

coronata coronataSep 30, 1967little water flow; many specimens, 3 mature, under stones and pieces of wood. Kenk notes that 'it is possible that this is the type-locality where Leidy colledcted his specimens in 1877'.
coronata coronataJun 7, 1970water clear, 7.0 degrees C., moderate current; under stones very mqany worms of various sizes, about one-third of them showing sexual structures, at least two with signs of recent fission (regenerating hind ends).