Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Switzerland (Schweiz)
Point to represent terrestrial and freshwater locations in the Country of Switzerland. Coordinates for the Switzerland are: 5.92 E & 45.66 N; 10.84 E & 48.02 N
latitude: 47    
longitude: 8.5    

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Collected here:

Stenostomum unicolor1913 or earlierdamp ground, pools, springs in Europe (England, France, Switzerland), in lakes in the upper layers (Denmark, Germany, Helgoland, Austria, Hungary, Russia).
Rhynchoscolex vejdovskyi1913 or earlier
Macrostomum viride (1)1913 or earlierfound in the country of Switzerland.
Prorhynchus sphyrocephalus1913 or earlier
Dalyellia rubra1913 or earlierpools. very lively.
Dalyellia ornata1913 or earlierpools. at an altitude of 1950 m.
Dalyellia cuspidata1913 or earlier30-40 mpools and lakes.
Dalyellia diadema1913 or earlierisolated in Swiss lakes and ponds at altitudes 2264 m and similar.
Dalyellia triquetra1913 or earlierlakes and pools in the riparian zone.
Dalyellia brevispina1913 or earlierpools at 1950 m altitude.
Dalyellia schmidtii1913 or earlier
Dalyellia fusca1913 or earlier
Dalyellia viridis1913 or earlier
Dalyellia scoparia1913 or earlierstanding water
Castrella truncata1913 or earlierubiquitous, very active, prefers swimming at the surface of cold and warm, standing and flowing water. Up to 2456 m in altitude.
Phaenocora gracilis1913 or earlierponds.
Opistomum pallidum1913 or earlierlakes and puddles.
Olisthanella obtusa1913 or earlier
Olisthanella splendida1913 or earlierpuddles and lakes. Probably pelagic.
Olisthanella halleziana1913 or earliermudIn springs of pools and lakes, associated with Crustacean food ?, Tubificiden and Lumbriciden tubes ?.
Strongylostoma radiatum1913 or earlierponds and lakes. Altitudes up to 1980 m.
Strongylostoma elongatum1913 or earlierlakes in Switzerland, up to 1980 m altitude.
Rhynchomesostoma rostratum1913 or earlier
Tetracelis marmorosa1913 or earlierstanding puddles and lakes. Found up to 2220 m altitude.
Typhloplana viridata1913 or earliermoors and lakes. Up to 2189 m altitude.
Typhloplana viridata1913 or earliermoors and lakes. Subalpine Switzerland.
Typhloplana minima1913 or earlier
Castrada fuhrmanni1898 or earlierpools.
Castrada inermis1911 or earlierpools and moorland ditches of high moutain locations (altitudes 1780-2400 m).
Castrada perspicua1913 or earlierpools and lakes.
Castrada instructa1911 or earlierponds and lakes.
Castrada stagnorum1911 or earlierpools and lakes of the Hochgebirges, at altitudes up to 2450 m.
Castrada hofmanni1913 or earlierin the Hochgebirgsseen, up to 1810 to 2156 m altitude.
Castrada affinis1907 or earlierpools and lakes in Switzerland, up to 2450 m altitude.
Castrada sphagnetorum1913 or earlierin Sphagnum of marsh, moor waters of high mountains, up to 1815 m altitude.
Castrada intermedia1913 or earlier
Castrada armata1913 or earliermud of pools and lakes, and littoral zone.
Castrada neocomensis1913 or earlierup to 1980 m altitude.
Castrada luteola1913 or earlierponds and pools of the alpine region, up to 2450 m altitude.
Mesostoma lingua1913 or earliermud and detritus, of pools, ponds and lakes. Up to altitudes of 2450 m.
Mesostoma tetragonum1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum lemani1913 or earliermudlakes
cavaticum sollaudi1931 or earlierfrom a cave in Switzerland.
Rhynchodemus carli1914 or earlier
Anisorhynchodemus diorchis1914 or earlier
alpina bathycola1911 or earlier
Mesostoma ehrenbergii1912 or earlier
Bothromesostoma personatum1912 or earlier
Dalyellia scoparia1912 or earlierDie Angaben von du Plessis übers das Vorkommen in der Schweiz sind nach Hofften (1912a) höchst zweifelhaft.