Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Barents Sea, Biological Station Alexandrowsk (Murmankuste, Alexandrovsk) and Pala Bay (Guba Pala, Pala Guba), Russia

latitude: 69.191666     69 11 30 N
longitude: 33.400002     33 24 E

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Collected here:

Convoluta convoluta1902littoral
Convoluta flavibacillum1900 or earlierfound in Pala Guba by Alexandrowsk.
Provortex balticus1913 or earlier
Graffilla buccinicola1913 or earlierin the kidney of Buccinum undatum L. and Neptunea antiqua L.
Jensenia angulata1913 or earlier
Urastoma cyprinae1913 or earlierin Mytilus edulis L.
Maehrenthalia agilis1913 or earlier
Proxenetes flabellifer1913 or earlierbeach water.
Promesostoma marmoratum1913 or earliervery active, in marine and brackish water.
marmoratum marmoratum1913 or earliervery active, in marine and brackish water.
Promesostoma murmanica1905 or earlierin Ulven.
Hyporcus breitfussi1905 or earlier
Acrorhynchus caledonicus1913 or earlier1-3 min ebb tide pools, and litoral zone in large numbers.
Polycystis crocea1913 or earlier
Pseudostomum quadrioculatum1913 or earlier
Monocelis fusca1913 or earlier
Aphanostoma rhomboides1932 or earlier
Monocelis fusca1932 or earlier
Aphanostoma rhomboides1905 or earlierBarents-Sea (Alexandrowsk, Pala Guba).
Opistomum tundrae1923 or earlierMurmansk (Alexandrovsk).