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Twin Lakes, Charlevoix, Michigan, USA

latitude: 45.245602    
longitude: -85.255096    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with USGS GNIS data)
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Collected here:

Planaria maculata(2)Aug 8, 1894seven specimens on leaves of Nymphea..
Planaria maculata(2)Aug 13, 1894West Twin Lake, Charlevoix, four specimens from Utricularia washings. West Twin lake specimens are much smaller than those from other stations.
Mesostoma viridatumAug 13, 1894seven specimens from Utricularia washings, West Twin Lakes, Charlevoix.
Microstomum lineareAug 13, 1894One broken stock of four individuals from Utricularia washings, West Twin Lakes.
Microstomum caudatumAug 13, 1894Two specimens from Utricularia washings, West Twin Lakes.
Dugesia tigrina1896 or earlierOn leaves of 'Nymphaea' and from 'Utricularia' washings, from Twin Lakes and West Twin Lake.