Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Naples (Neapel, Napoli), Italy

latitude: 40.883331     40 53 N
longitude: 14.483333     14 29 E

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Collected here:

Conaperta lineata1915 or earliershallow waters, near shoreseaweed near shore
Convoluta convolutaprior to 1905littoral
Microstomum rubromaculatumprior to 18822 specimens on Lomentaria kaliformis. In Naples Bay.
Promesostoma ovoideumprior to 1882
Promesostoma soleaprior to 1882found at the same places as Promesostoma ovoideum.
Proxenetes gracilisprior to 1882lively animal found between aquatic plants in the Bays of Triest and Neapel.
Convoluta schultzii1866 or earlier
Hypotrichina tergestina1897 or earlierparasite on Nebalia. Notes that species is found in Trieste, Marsiglia, and Napoli. Repiachoff did not name the species.
Stenostomum sieboldi1913 or earlier
Graffilla parasitica1881 or earlierin Tethys leporina L.
setigerum album1905 or earlier
Trigonostomum penicillatum1913 or earlier
Otoplana intermedia1913 or earlierPosilippo near Naples.
Hoploplana insignis1884 or earlier
Anoplodium graffi1931found in sea-cucumber Holothuria impatiens at the Zoological Station Naples.
Monticellina longituba1931found in sea-cucumber Holothuria impatiens at the Zoological Station Naples.
Cestoplana rubrocincta1944 or earlier
Pseudomonocelis ophiocephalaNov 7, 1955Italian coast at the Tyrrhenin Sea: Naples (Papi, pers. comm.)
Stylochus neapolitanus2005 or earlier