Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Sweden (Schweden)
a point to represent freshwater points within the coordinates for Sweden: 10.56 E & 54.63N; 24.84 E & 69.68 N
latitude: 60    
longitude: 16    

Precision of location: Gauged from chart or map
Site Named Here: By name of sea, gulf, or country named in source publication

Collected here:

Macrostomum viride (1)1913 or earlierfound in the country of Sweden.
Prorhynchus stagnalis1913 or earlier
Dalyellia expedita1913 or earlier
Dalyellia graffii1913 or earlierin Lemna and Konferven.
Dalyellia cuspidata1913 or earlier30-40 mpools and lakes.
Dalyellia infundibuliformis1913 or earlier
Dalyellia hallezii1913 or earlierpools.
Castrella truncata1913 or earlierubiquitous, very active, prefers swimming at the surface of cold and warm, standing and flowing water.
Strongylostoma radiatum1913 or earlierponds and lakes.
Strongylostoma elongatum1913 or earlierlakes in Sweden, up to 1980 m altitude.
Rhynchomesostoma rostratum1913 or earlier
Typhloplana viridata1913 or earliermoors and lakes.
Typhloplana minima1913 or earlier
Castrada instructa1911 or earlierponds and lakes.
Castrada lanceola1913 or earlier
Castrada hofmanni1913 or earlier
Castrada quadridentata1913 or earlier1 mIn the larger lakes, and deeper lakes.
Castrada intermedia1913 or earlier
Castrada armata1913 or earliermud of pools and lakes, and littoral zone.
Castrada neocomensis1913 or earlier
Mesostoma lingua1913 or earliermud and detritus, of pools, ponds and lakes.
Bothromesostoma personatum1913 or earlier
Bothromesostoma essenii1913 or earlier
Planaria torva1892 or earlierSchweden: Uppland.
Dugesia lugubris1923 or earlierÜbrige Verbreitung der Kollektivart. Brittische Inseln, Mittel- u. Südschweden, Dänemark, ganz West- u. Mitteleuropa, Lettland. Littauen, Polen, Tschechoslovakei, Ungarn, .....
elongatum elongatum1916 or earlierSchweden (nicht im nordschwed)