Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Lesina, Italy

latitude: 41.883331     41 53 N
longitude: 15.433333     15 26 E

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Collected here:

Convoluta convolutaprior to 1905littoral
Plagiostomum meledanumMar and Apr 1907found in the Lago di Saint Maria up to Meleda.
Plagiostomum sulphureum1907found under "Convento" in Lesina.
Proporus rubropunctata1852 or earlier
Schizoprora venenosus1852 or earlier
Convoluta paradoxa1852 or earlier
Convoluta schultzii1852 or earlier
Proxenetes gracilis1913 or earlier
ovoideum ovoideum1913 or earlier
Promesostoma solea1886 or earlier
Paramesostoma neapolitanum1913 or earlier
setigerum setigerum1913 or earlier
Polycystis naegelii1913 or earlierliving among plants in the litoral zone.
Polycystis mamertina1913 or earlier
Phonorhynchus helgolandicus1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum girardi1913 or earlierslow acting and swimming, in waste water and aquariums.
Plagiostomum maculatum1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum reticulatum1913 or earlierlittoral
Plagiostomum rufodorsatum1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum siphonophorum1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum benedeni1886 or earlier
Vorticeros auriculatum1913 or earlier0-35mlittoral up to 35 m deep in Algen and Bryozoen.
Vorticeros luteum1913 or earlier0-13 mGenerally found among Ulven and Zosteren. Found a 13 m depth, with Bugula turbinata.
Plicastoma bimaculatum1913 or earlierOctober and November among Zostera.
Pseudostomum quadrioculatum1913 or earlier
Pseudostomum klostermanni1913 or earlier
Monoophorum striatum1913 or earlier0-28 mamong Ulven, Bryozoans.
Enterostomum zooxanthella1886 or earlier
Allostoma monotrochum1913 or earlieralso with Plagiostomum girardi.
Convoluta schultzii1933 or earlier
Convoluta sordida1933 or earlier
Thysanozoon brocchii1933 or earlier
Plagiostomum siphonophorum1933 or earlier
Proporus venenosus1905 or earlierAdria (Triest, Lesina, Meleda).
Mesostoma craci1913 or earlier