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Collecting site

Storsundsharun at Tvärminne (Tvarminne), Finnish Bay, Finland

latitude: 59.833332    
longitude: 22.950001    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
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Collected here:

Mecynostomum lutheri1960 or earlier29 mgray Gyttja
Convoluta saliensprior 196052 msoutheast of Storsundsharum.
Paramonotus hamatusprior to 196029 mSW of Storsundsharun.
Archilopsis unipunctataprior to 194552 myellowish gyttja
Macrostomum curvitubaAug 11, 19457.5 min a sample from K. Purasjoki. Between Storsundsharun and Hästö-Busö. At the 7.5 m depth marker, with Algae, mostly Ceramium and Ectocarpus.
Proxenetes flabelliferJul-Sep 1934Gyttjabetween Brännskär and Storsundsharun.
Planaria torva1961 or earlierStorsundsharun. Rotalgen- (Phyllophora-) und Mytilus-Biocoenose.
Gieysztoria cuspidata1955 or earlier
expedita expeditoides1955 or earlierStorsundsharun, TĂĽmpel 6 A (Salzgehalt geringer als im Meere, DROOP)