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Vikarskär (Vikarskar, Vikarskären, Storlandet), Finland

latitude: 59.833302    
longitude: 20.983299    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
Site Named Here: By name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication

Collected here:

Anaperus tvaerminnensisprior to 1960between Jovskär and Vikarskär, 60 cm deep. (Papi)
Dolichomacrostomum uniporumJun 18, 1944sand, gyttiasand bank between the Islands of Vikarskär and Jovskär near Tvärminne, 30-35 cm deep.
Macrostomum balticumprior to 19602.5-3.0 msand, gyttjabetween Vikarskär and Långholmen. All specimens found between June and August.
Macrostomum balticumprior to 19600.5 msand, gyttjabetween Vikarskär and Jovskär. All specimens found between June and August.
Macrostomum curvitubaprior to 1960
Monocelis lineataprior to 1960between Vikarskär and Langholmen.
Promonotus schultzeiprior to 1960Krogarviken: north of Vikarskär.
Minona balticaprior to 1960
Bothriomolus balticusprior to 1960fine sandwest bay.
Macrostomum hamatumAug 31, 1943sand, rocksouthern bank. Vegetation includes Scirpus uniglumis, Juncus Gerardi, Aster tripolium, Phragmites. 3 specimens.
Tvaerminnea karlingiAug 19360.2-7.0 msandfound on sand bottoms, pushes through sand grains. Between the Zoological Station and Vikarskär.
Bresslauilla relicta1961 or earlierfine sand18 degrees C., 2 specimens.
Provortex pallidus1962 or earlier
Provortex karlingi1962 or earlierbetween Långholmen and Vikarskär.
Baicalellia brevituba1962 or earlierplants, sea shore rocky promontory zone. Between Vikarskär and Jovskär.
Baicalellia beauchampi1962 or earliersandbetween Vikarskär and Jovskär, detritus containing sand, 30-40 cm. Papi.
Baicalellia pusilla1962 or earlierbetween Jovskär and Vikarskär, 15-20l cm deep.
Brinkmanniella macrostomoides1962 or earlierbetween Långholmen and Vikarskär.
Coronhelmis multispinosus1962 or earlierSandbank.
Koinocystis tvaerminnensisAug 1929 - Mar 19301 mDiese Art fand ich in geringer Anzahl dicht bei den Inseln Jofskär und Vikarskär in einer Tiefe von ungefähr 1 m. Der Boden war feiner Sand ohne Vegetation. In denselben Proben fand ich auch Placorhynchus und Proxenetes flabellifer.
Placorhynchus octaculeatusAug 1929 - Mar 19301 msandKrogarviken Bay, and the Islands of Jofskär and Vikarskär.
Acrorhynchus robustusJun 1929in the Sound between the Islands of Jofskär and Vikarskär.
Thalassoplanella collaris1946 or earliershallow water and in wet bank soil with Gyttja and humus.
Anthopharynx vaginatus1963 or earlier3 mSand, mudN. Tvärminne-Gebiet: Zwischen Vikarskär und Långholmen, Sand mit Schlick (A.L.)
Castrada lanceola1963 or earlierUmgebung der Zool. Station Tvärminne: zwischen Långholmen u. Vikarskär;
Castrada subsalsa1963 or earlierVikarskär
Gieysztoria infundibuliformis1955 or earlierStorlandet, vegetationsreicher Tümpel