Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Le Portel (Portel, Marine Lab), Nord Pas de Calais, Channel

latitude: 50.700001     50 42 N
longitude: 1.566667     1 34 E

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Collected here:

ovoideum ovoideum1913 or earlier
Schizorhynchus coecus1911 or earlier13-14 m
Gyrator bivittatus1913 or earlier21 m
Plagiostomum reticulatum1913 or earlierlittoralred variation.
Plagiostomum vittatum1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum benedeni1913 or earlier
Vorticeros auriculatum1913 or earlier0-35mlittoral up to 35 m deep in Algen and Bryozoen.
Pseudostomum klostermanni1913 or earlier
Pseudostomum inerme1893 or earlieramong algae.
Allostoma pallidum1913 or earlier
Monocelis lineata1913 or earlier
Bothriomolus constrictus1913 or earliersandunder rocks, fine shell rubble.
Leptoplana schizoporellae1893 or earlierEnglish Channel, Portel