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Collecting site

Hylta, Finland

latitude: 60     60 00 00 N
longitude: 23.333332     023 20 00 E

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
Site Named Here: By name of site (or city, etc.)

Collected here:

Myostenostomum tauricumAug 21, 195618 degrees C. Water from Sphagnum pressed against bank.
leucops leucops1960 or earlierHylta.
Dendrocoelum lacteum1961 or earlierTenala, Hylta Långträsk. [Ab. map area, p. 42 of Luther 1961].
Acrochordonoposthia robusta1963 or earlierHylta.
Opistomum tundraeAug 21, 1956Tenala, Hylta Långträsk, mooriger Boden nahe dem Seeufer.
Castrada instructaAug 21, 1956Tenala, Hylta Långträsk, Ufer mit Sphagnum, 18.8º C.
Castrada neocomensis1963 or earlierHylta Långträsk u. Moor Stormossen
Rhynchoscolex simplex1960 or earlierTenala, Hylta, sumpfiger Wald am Ufer des Långträsk, in kleinen Lachen mit Sphagnum, 16.3 ºC