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Collecting site

Rauvanniemi (Rauhaniemi), Finland

latitude: 61.950001    
longitude: 29.450001    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
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Collected here:

Macrostomum finnlandensisSep 18, 1951bank, among plants.
Polycelis tenuis1961 or earlier(A. L.).
Castrada hofmanni1963 or earlierJanakkala: Leppäkoski, Puujoki bei Rauhaniemi u. Sipilä
Castrada hofmanni1963 or earlieralte Tongruden in Rauhaniemi
Castrada armataSep 18, 1951u. bei Rauhaniemi
Mesostoma productumMay 23, 1958
Phaenocora unipunctata1963 or earlierJanakkala, Rauhaniemi, überschwemmte Uferwiesen des Puujoki, Vääksy, Uferwiese des Päijänne.
Microdalyellia picta1955 or earlier
Gieysztoria expedita1955 or earlierPuujoki bei Rauhaniemi, zwischen Pflanzen in 0- 25 cm Tief (A.L.)
Castrella truncata1955 or earlierLehmtümpel