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Collecting site

Zelenogorsk (Teriyoki, Terijoki, Terioki, Poselok Terioki), Russia

latitude: 60.195    
longitude: 29.694401    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
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Collected here:

Macrostomum orthostylumAug 8, 1917Vammelsuu.
Opistomum arsenii1918 or earlierTerijoki.
Castradella graneaJun 14-27, 1917Bloss einmal innerhalb des Gebietes gefunden: Terijoki, Graben in einem Park, 4 Exx.
Olisthanella palmeni1918 or earlier
Rhynchoscolex simplex1955 or earlierTerijoki, in einem wenig tiefen Brunnen (Beklemischev)
Macrostomum lutheriJul 28, 1917Terijoki, See >>Tschutsche>> an Nymphaea.
Microdalyellia brevimana1921 or earlier