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Collecting site

Langholmen (Långholmen, Langholm, Långholm), Finland
[there are several islands in Finland named Långholmen, not sure this was the location that Luther 1960 referenced, although the coordinates are closest to the Zoolog. Station Tvarminne]
latitude: 59.883301    
longitude: 22.549999    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
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Collected here:

Macrostomum balticumprior to 19602.5-3.0 msand, gyttjabetween Vikarskär and Långholmen. All specimens found between June and August.
Bresslauilla relicta1961 or earlierhumus, sandmeadow bank north of Bönholmen-Långholmen, ca 40 cm ü.d. Strong freshwater influence at sea level.
Provortex pallidus1962 or earlier
Provortex karlingi1962 or earlierbetween Långholmen and Vikarskär.
Planaria torva1961 or earlierEinwärts liegen u.a. folgende Fundorte vor: Tvärminne Långholmsbranten u. Bönholmsviken.
Anthopharynx vaginatus1963 or earlier3 mSand, mudN. Tvärminne-Gebiet: Zwischen Vikarskär und Långholmen, Sand mit Schlick (A.L.)