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Collecting site

Myora reef, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia

latitude: -27.461111     27 27 40 S
longitude: 153.42778     153 25 40 E

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Myoramyxa pardalotaMay 4, 1992intertidalrocks, logssemi-terrestrial acotylean flatworm. Common inside or under hardwood logs, driftwood or rocks in the high intertidal zone (supralittoral), particularly with adjacent mangroves. Prey of the False Water-rat, Xeromys myoides.
Necia boreoceloidesJul 1993coral rubble with siltabout 20 cm deep at low tide.
Pseudomonocelis sp. AJul 1993coral and shell rubbleMyora Reef; high intertidal, mixed sediment: coral and shell rubble with silt.