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Collecting site

Amrum Island, (North Frisian Islands), North Sea

latitude: 54.650002    
longitude: 8.35    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
Site Named Here: By name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication

Collected here:

Actinoposthia biaculeata1972-1975semi-exposed beach slope, clean flat sand
Mecynostomum predatum1972-1975semi-exposed beach slope, clean sand flat
Pseudaphanostoma psammophilum1972-1975semi-exposed beach slope, clean flat sand
Atriofronta polyvacuola1972-1975semi-exposed beach slope, clean sand flat
Convoluella brunea1972-1975semi-exposed beach slope, clean sand flat
Haplogonaria simplex1972-1975semi-exposed beach slope, clean sand flat
Philomecynostomum lapillum1972-1975semi-exposed beach slope, clean sand flat
Aphanostoma album1972-1975semi-exposed beach slope, clean sand flat
Pseudaphanostoma pelophilum1972-1975semi-exposed beach slope, clean sand flat
Myozona stylifera1972-1975semi-exposed beach slope, clean sand flat
Paromalostomum fusculum1972-1975semi-exposed beach slope, clean sand flat
Macrostomum pusillum1972-1975semi-exposed beach slope, clean sand flat
Neopolycystis tridentatasummer 1954diverse locations
Promonotus marciJul 1952coarse sandnorth end of island, 200 m seaward of the high tide line.
Psammorhynchus tubulipenis1956 or earlier(Ax).
Ptychopera westbladiAug 1951sand, Kniepsandbank of brackish water pool, Cyanophyceen-Sand.
Perixenetes karlingiAug 1951sandCyanophyceen-sand on bank of brackish water pool, "Kniepsand".
Paromalostomum fusculumsummer 1951eulittoralfine and medium sandwest of Amrum. Sand bank.
Paromalostomum dubium1955 or earlierlittoralcoarse sand
Macrostomum balticumprior to 1951
Macrostomum curvituba1957 or earlierAmrum. (Ax)
Haloplanella longatubaJul 1951sandwest bank, near the ground water line of the 'Kniepsandes'. leg. P. Ax.
Provortex balticus1936 or earlier
Vejdovskya ignava1951 or earlier
Danorhynchus duplostylisprior to 1955fine sandAmrum, feinsandiger Prallhang (Ax).
Cheliplana marcusiJun 1952sandlotic sandy beach.
Myozona styliferaJul 29, 1951fine to medium sandReiner Mittel- bis Feinsand am Pralhang (Quellhorizont) des Kniepsandes.
Myozona styliferaJul 31, 1952fine to medium sandReiner Mittel- bis Feinsand am Pralhang (Quellhorizont) des Kniepsandes.
Myozona styliferaJul 31, 1952fine to coarse sandFein- und Grobsand gemischt, am Nordende der Insel, etwa 200 m vom Ufer entfernt im Bereich des Eulitorals (Bathyporeia-Haustorius-Zone).
Thalassoplanella collaris1959 or earlierNordsee, Amrum (Ax 1959).
falcata falcata1974 or earlierNordsee (Sylt, Amrum), Kieler Bucht (Schilksee, Bülk), Mittelmeer (Sizilien), Marmara Meer (Florya, Prinzeninsel Heybeli), Schwarzes Meer (Sile).
octaculeatus octaculeatus1970 or earlierAmrum. Sanstrände und Sandwatt.
Proschizorhynchus gullmarensis1970 or earlier...ist an der Nordsee (Sylt, Amrum) und in der westlichen Ostsee (Kieler Bucht) ein spezifischer Bewohner von Grobsand-Kies an lotischen Sandstränden.
Thylacorhynchus arcassonensis1970 or earlier...zu den nordfriesischen Inseln Amrum
Cheliplana stylifera1970 or earlierAmrum, Rømø. Lotische Ufer am Weststrand.
Provortex tubiferus1938 or earlierNordsee, Amrum, Meixner (Brief an Karling)
Bresslauilla relicta1952 or earlierSchleswig-holsteinische Nordseeküste, auf Amrum und am Westerhever-Sand im Feinsand und Sandwatt bei ca. 30 º/oo Salzgehalt.
Archimonotresis limophila1951 or earlierNordsee: Amrum, Strandtümpel, S = 22 º/ºº.
Acrorhynchides robustus1966-1968Eulitoral.
Cicerina brevicirrus1938 or earlierAmrum-Sylt: Farbstreifensandwatt
Cicerina brevicirrus1952 or earlier
octaculeatus octaculeatus1938 or earlierFarbstreifensandwatt.
Thylacorhynchus arcassonensis1966-1968Kniepsand.