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Collecting site

Hanko (Hango, Hangö, Hangonkyla, Khanko), Lilla Kolaviken, Finnish Bay, Finland

latitude: 59.490002    
longitude: 22.59    

Precision of location: Place-name in gazetteer
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Collected here:

Macrostomum curvitubaJul 9, 1943sandDr. Karling. In wet sand above the waterline.
Haplovejdovskya subterranea1962 or earliercoarse sandCoastal groundwater. Karling.
Coelogynopora bresslaui1958 or earlierOstsee. Falsterbo (Schweden), Hangö (Finnland).
Coelogynopora sequana1958 or earlierOstsee. Falsterbo (Schweden), Hangö (Finnland).
Planaria torva1961 or earlierN. Hangö, auch Långörn.