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Collecting site

Maruhubi Palace Ruins, near Stone Town, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania, Africa
coordinates are for Stone Town
latitude: -6.166667     06 10 00 S
longitude: 39.183334     039 11 00 E

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
Site Named Here: By name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication

Collected here:

Mahurubia clavaAug 5, 1995fine sandopen beach with fine sand in front of the mangroves at low tide.
Mahurubia clavaAug 17, 1995fine sandsandflat with crab holes.
Parapharyngiella involucrumAug 5, 1995fine sandbeach with detritus-rich sand, churned up by crabs, at low tide.
Duplacrorhynchus heyleniAug 5, 1995clean coarse sandWidely distributed in mangrove sand flats on Zanzibar Island (Tanzania): off Mahurubi Palace ruins, sand flat in the high mid-littoral with relatively clean coarse sand disturbed by crabs. Also in exposed sea grass field, very rich in detritus.
Gyratrix hermaphroditusAug 1995Intertidalfine to coarse sand with some detritussand flat, coarse sand with some detritus, relatively dry with many crab holes
Paulodora schockaertiAug 1995intertidalsandsand of an exposed sea grass field, very rich in detritus