Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Ayaya Bay, Lake Baikal (Baykal, Holy Sea), Russia

latitude: 55.450001     55 27 00 N
longitude: 109.916664     109 55 00 E

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
Site Named Here: By name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication

Collected here:

Mityuscha elenaeSep 22, 199010-12 meast (base) coast of Ayaya Bay, huge amount of detritus.
Mariareuterella grygieriSep 21, 199025 msilty sand
Mariareuterella grygieriSep 21, 199022-27 mdredge sample.
Mariareuterella schetinnikoviOct 10, 199710 mmedium sandnear forester's house. shallow littoral zone.
Mariareuterella sabiroviOct 5, 199710 myellow-brown sandfine-grained sand, macrophytes.
Mariareuterella nigmatulliniSep 21, 199025 mcoarse yellow sandsouthern cape of Ayaya Bay.
Mariareuterella salemaaiOct 5, 199715 mcoarse yellow sandnear the forester's house.
Coulterella osipovaeOct 15, 199322-27 m500-600 m away from the forester's house.
Coulterella melnikaeSep 21, 199025 mcoarse yellow sandDredge sample.
Riedelella terentyeviOct 5, 199710 mbrownish-yellow sand
Riedelella pectenuncinataOct 5, 199710 mcoarse yellow-brown sandnear the forester's home.
Riedelella greenwoodiSep 21, 199025 mcoarse sandpure yellow coarse-grained sand.
Riedelella greenwoodiOct 5, 199710 mcoarse sandcoarse-grained, brown sand.
Cohenella sidelevaeOct 5, 199715 mmiddle-grained sand
Cohenella proniniOct 4, 199710 mfine sandpure fine-grained sand with silt and plant remnants. west of Upper Angara River mouth, near by gulf.
Obolkinaella genkaliJul 19, 198225 msmall-sized gravelsmall-sized gravel, detritus.
Gyratrix hermaphroditusJul 13, 19825.0 msandalgae.
Gyratrix hermaphroditusJul 19, 198210.0 msandalgae.