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Collecting site

Sorozhya and Chyvyrkuy (Chivyrkuy) Bays, Lake Baikal (Baykal, Holy Sea), Russia

latitude: 53.738121    
longitude: 109.136688    

Precision of location: Gauged from chart or map
Site Named Here: By name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication

Collected here:

Mityuscha galinaeOct 18, 199318-20 msandpurest yellowish-brown sand with small amount of detritus (dredge sample).
Mariareuterella pleschinskayaeOct 18, 199316-20 m
Coulterella kawakatsuiOct 18, 199316-20 mSorozhya Bay in Chyvyrkuy Bay.
Riedelella terentyeviOct 18, 199316-20 mcoarse yellow sandyellow coarse-grained sand with large-sized detritus and mica particles, dredge sample.
Riedelella izhboldinaeOct 18, 199316-21 msandSorozhya Bay, yellowish-brown sand with small amount of detritus.
Linella macrorhynchusSep 9, 198480 mChyvyrkuy Bay. Southern coast of the mouth of Chyvyrkuy Bay.
Microstomum lineare2023 or earlier11 m