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Collecting site

Jussarö, Finland

latitude: 59.830002     59 49.8 N
longitude: 23.571667     23 34.3 E

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Collected here:

Provortex balticus1962 or earlier0-34 mstone, coarse to fine sand, Gyttjawidely distributed in littoral/supralitoral from Hangö in the north to Jussarö and Lappvik. Also Tvärminne Storfjärd, Schären?. Vegetation: Fucus, Furcellaria, Ceramium, Potamogeton, Myriophyllum, Zannichellia, Chara, etc. Mytilus-Biocönosen.
Microdalyellia fusca1955 or earlierJussarö-Hafenbucht and der Nordseite.