Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Republic of Madagascar (Malagasy, Malagasey, Malgache)
arbitrary point to represent the country of Madagascar.
latitude: -18.9167    
longitude: 47.516701    

Precision of location: Gauged from atlas
Site Named Here: By name of sea, gulf, or country named in source publication

Collected here:

Mesostoma sp.1891 or earlier
Dugesia milloti1952 or earlier
Vortex semperi1891 or earlier
Polycelis sp.1969 or earlier
Temnocephala madagascariensis1892 or earlierparasitic on crayfish Astacoides madagascariensis.
Diversibipalium brauni1903 or earlier
Diversibipalium tau1903 or earlier
Diversibipalium grandidieri1903 or earlier
Diversibipalium marenzelleri1903 or earlier
Bipalium ferrugineumprior to 1899Madagaskar (erhalten durch Prof. Keller in Z├╝rich).
Bipalium woodworthi1899 or earlier
Pseudoceros pleurostictus1913 or earlier
Perocephalus ravenalae1899 or earlier
Bipalium hildebrandiprior to 1899Gesammelt von Hildebrand im nordw. Madagaskar. (Von mir nicht untersucht.)
Pseudoceros pleurostictus1913 or earlierMacamby, Madagascar.
Pelmatoplana sondaica1898 or earlierBuitenzorg auf Java, Singkarah auf Sumatra, auch Singapore, Ceylon und Madagascar.
Humbertium ferrugineoideumprior to 2000
Dugesia gibberosa2017 or earlier
Dugesia granosa2017 or earlier
Dugesia sigmoides2017 or earlier