Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Kudingareng Keke Island, Sankarang archipelago, South Sulawesi (Celebes), Indonesia

latitude: -5.1025     05 06 09 S
longitude: 119.285835     119 17 09 E

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Collected here:

Archimonocelis kekeOct 17, 1984coral sandlittoral.
Monocelis pictocephalaOct 17, 1984coral sandlitoral.
Archiloa vanderlandiOct 17, 1984fine coral sandjust below the low water line.
Duplominona sulawesiensisOct 4, 198420 mcoral sandsublitoral.
Gyratrix hermaphroditusSep-Oct 1984Intertidal-20mcoral sandGalesong, Kajangan
Paulodora hamiferOct 198420 mcoral sand